Use Salesforce and Goodkind to supercharge your efforts

Get started with Salesforce and Goodkind

Goodkind enables charitable organizations to send personalized videos to constituents at the scale of email. For the first time, businesses of all sizes can tap into the power of video to connect directly with current and future donors.

Create stories without leaving Salesforce
Capture engagement data from Goodkind in Salesforce
Trigger automatic stories from your existing customer journeys
Connect salesforce with stories

Build lifelong relationships with the data you already have.

Goodkind's Salesforce app enables you to build the customer journey that you want, all with the customer data you've already collected.
  • Create stories directly from Salesforce
    After installing the Goodkind Salesforce app, easily add global action buttons to the contact and account page layouts. Click on these buttons and create stories without leaving Salesforce.
  • View stories stats on contact records
    Goodkind stories are full of rich data that can help inform your business. Story data is synced and shared with Salesforce so that you can include this data in your reporting, or trigger more stories to be created.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your customer journey
    Using Salesforce process builder, you can automate Goodkind story creation to fit whatever you can imagine. Birthday video? Check. Welcome series? Check. Activate a story for any touchpoint in any funnel.

You'll be in good company.

Organizations use Goodkind to tell great stories and connect with customers.