Nov 23, 2020

A new mission, a new name

Many of us love starting something new.

Sitting down to begin a new journey is exhilarating. Anything can happen. The world is your oyster.

Today, our team finds itself at one of those beginnings, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you.

In the beginning

Just over a year ago, we launched GiveMagic with a mission; to bring the power of video and the power of storytelling to the world of charities and non-profits.

We began there because we knew we could make a difference.

These great organizations, with such powerful missions, too often had to rely on second-tier tools to spread their message. They didn’t always have access to the systems required to tell great stories and reach new audiences.

How can you properly tell the stories of hope and joy, progress and change, with plain text emails and cold calls?

We believed there was a better way.

We knew that if we could help these groups be more authentic, more human, we could move mountains together.

So that’s what we did, we introduced a platform for telling video stories, and we saw firsthand the power that personalized video had in building a connection.

We watched as donations increased, as outreach turned special, as sending information became more effective. By having the employees and volunteers at these great organizations tell their stories, we saw magic happen.

Over a year and 150,000 stories into that mission, we’re more convinced than ever that storytelling and personal video are the future of communication.

Change happens

But things rarely remain the same, and earlier this year, a funny thing started happening ( and what leads us to our news today ).

Despite our focus on the non-profit sector, we started getting inquiries from a wide range of organizations.

Businesses started calling, asking us about what we were building, and those conversations more often than not led to them asking if they too could use GiveMagic.

Hotels, retailers, universities, telcos all wanted to tap into the power of video, and at a scale even more significant than what we’d seen happening with non-profits.

As we began to fulfill that demand and work with these different organizations, it became clear that our original mission, even our original name, needed to evolve.

Today is step one in that evolution, as GiveMagic becomes Goodkind. A new name for our bigger mission.

A name we feel respects the breadth of the companies and organizations we are working with, and more importantly, demonstrates our commitment to pushing out the right kind of communications. The messaging needed to make a human connection and tell a more personal side of the story.

The good kind.

We’re glad to have you along on this journey. The team and we are energized and focused on bringing what we’ve built to more people, and we’ve got lots more in the hopper to show over the coming weeks.

For those remarkable organizations that have worked with us so far, we thank you for being apart of our early days, and we look forward to working with even more great organizations in the future.

If you’d like to hear more about what we’ve built or would like to see a quick demo, we encourage you to visit this page to make that happen.

The team at GiveMagic….err Goodkind. :)

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