Goodkind for Nonprofit

What if you had the power to reach out and connect with your supporters?

Increase donations

Connect deeply by putting your face right in front of donors and telling your story. Add donation forms right next to your video to process one time or recurring gifts.

Retain donors

Retain recurring donors after acquisition with the most effective retention series in the industry. Say thanks and show impact easier than ever before. Add video to your existing donor journeys, or build new ones with Goodkind’s automations. 

Convert new donors

Long list of digital leads or email subscribers? Convert with Goodkind’s time tested engagement sequences. Get the whole team involved and tell your story like you never have before.  

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How it all works

A modern, easy-to-use dashboard is where you'll manage everything you do with Goodkind. Plan campaigns, manage storytellers, and customize your video pages' style, all from one convenient location.

Customize your level of personalization.

Custom-built iOS and Android applications make recording videos ( stories ) a breeze. Your storytellers receive the guidance and talking points in app so they only have to think about telling a great story.

Purpose built app for your storytellers.

This is where the magic happens. Story pages are where your customers view the videos they've been sent and take the action(s) we want them to take. Fully branded and personalized for each customer who receives them.

Fully branded page for your stories.

Making things personal is our mission, but driving key business results is always the end goal. With detailed measurement and reporting, you'll know precisely how well Goodkind is helping make your bottom line better.

Campaign level reporting to track ROI.

350,000+ stories sent to date

This video made my evening! I shared it too as it may inspire others! ❤️
Lisa, donor who received story
We began Goodkind for our holiday campaigns in 2019 and have been captivated by the conversion rates since. Close to 25% of the users who view our videos donated.
Yat LI, HEAD OF MARKETING, Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility
Goodkind has proven itself to be a very powerful tool that has become a core element of our relationship building efforts.
CRAIG CHIPPS, Director, Undergraduate Recruitment,
Wilfrid Laurier UNIVERSITY
I booked right away! So great to hear from you, I loved the video!
JIMMY, cUSTOMER who received story
Thank you so much for sending that video message. It makes it very personal
DAN, CUSTOMER who received story
We’ve been a Goodkind customer since day one, and it’s incredible to see how fast the platform has evolved. I can take 30 stories in an hour.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with tremendous
organizations across a wide range of industries

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