When was the last time someone in business showed you they cared?

Ill bet you can remember, because sadly these moments dont happen enough. We live in a world of robo-calls, bots and emails with fake personalization.

For the first time, with Goodkind, you can be truly human with your customers.

Because when you care,
your customers will care too.

this story you sent made my evening
“you showed you actually cared”

Learn why personal wins in your industry.


Goodkind for Saying Thank You

When you take the time to say thank you, you demonstrate to your customers that they are more than a transaction. You reinforce that they're special, and you appreciate...
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Goodkind for Increasing Yield

The greater a connection and the more informed a student becomes, the more likely they'll accept an offer to attend your institution...
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Goodkind for Repeat Purchases

Sometimes all it takes to get a repeat purchase is someone reaching out ( at the right time ) and reminding them, person to person...
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Goodkind can help
you drive more business

Say goodbye to robocalls, drip campaigns, and say hello to humans. Why? Because personal wins.

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