Keep customers and supporters more engaged, over longer periods of time

The competition for new customers is tough, and only getting tougher. If you are not doing everything you can to nurture and support the relationships you've made, you're making future business more difficult.

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Examples Retention Use Cases

Campaign: Bring customers inside the process of building releasing new products

Context: What better way to generate excitement for new products ( not to mention a built in market ) and to make customers feel special, than by including them into or talking to them about the development of new products.

Goal: Build loyalty and connection by making customers feel like they're part of the process, part of the team.

Campaign Description: Use a series of 1:1 videos to top customers to give them a first look at new product releases as they are being created or refined, offer a chance for feedback and then follow-up with an opportunity for early sales access or discounts to those same customers.

Campaign: Keep supporters up to date on the results of donation campaigns

Context: Taking donations from supporters is what helps your organization, but how can we help donors feel better and stay engaged over the long run. Keeping them apprised on how their donations have helped and making them feel like the hero they are is key to long term support.

Goal: Make donors feel special and keep them better informed over the length of campaigns

Campaign Description: Have Goodkind automatically create campaigns and request videos from storytellers close to the campaign, then send those videos out to donors.

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