Use Goodkind to better nurture prospects as they move from inquiry to the offer stage

The greater a connection and the more informed a student becomes, the more likely they'll accept an offer to attend your institution. Make prospects feel seen and build a deep relationship during the recruiting stage with personal videos.

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Example Increasing Yield Use Cases

Campaign: Increase affinity for the program for international students

Context: International students face higher uncertainty when applying for a master’s program. Their knowledge about the program value is limited, and they can easily switch to another university for some short term incentives

Goal: Create a strong affinity for the program among international students throughout the  application process

Campaign Description: The University invested in hiring recruiters who had a similar ethnicity as the prospective students, particularly from the countries where they get a lot of interest. The recruiters made frequent check-ins during the application process and invited applicants to schedule 1:1 AMA ( Ask Me Anything) sessions.

Campaign: Show value of the program to parents

Context: The University has been talking to students who are contemplating whether to accept the offer or not. The target group is students that haven’t engaged with any communication sent to them.

Goal: Increase the rate of acceptance among student

Campaign Description: The University had the details of a parent/guardian in their CRM. They targeted the parents with messaging about the program’s unique benefits and shared pointers they can use while talking to their children. The video is typically done by a professor or a dean/head to ensure a high open-rate.

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