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Increase guest loyalty with AI powered video storytelling.

Show customers you care by using the power of personalized video to create deep customer connections.
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How Goodkind helps you tell your brand story with video

Send personalized video stories
Record, approve, and send video stories from your mobile phone or desktop to customers via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
Embed calls to action
Pair your video with a business goal to drive results, whether it’s promotional offers, upgrades, or simply saying hello to drive loyalty.
Empower your team
Equip your team as video storytellers and assign stories manually or automatically to bring touchpoints to life in your customer journey.
Create campaigns
Easily create one to one and one to many campaigns to reach your guests. Select your storytellers, your call to actions, and our campaign engine will make it happen.
Assign to storytellers
Empower your team to connect with guests via our mobile application. Provide cheatnotes to your storytellers and approve stories before sending.
Send to Customers
Deliver stories to your guests via sms, email and Whatsapp. Stories are viewed on individualized landing pages made for each guest.
Offers & Promotions
Did a guest abandon their cart on your website? Did a couple stay at your property this time last year? Send a personal video message to encourage reservations.

5% - 10% conversion rates.
Pre arrival
Provide helpful information, highlight services and show-off COVID protocols to decrease cancellation rates and improve the guest's pre-arrival experience.

85% video engagement rate.
Thank you messages
Guests stay loyal because of small but meaningful human connections. Create special moments to drive true customer loyalty.

Increase guest retention by 10% - 25%.
Built to supercharge your efforts

Features built specifically for hospitality

Engage your guests how and where they want using powerful campaigns and Goodkind assisted data.
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Trigger stories on behaviour
Send more stories to your customers based on how they engage with your content. Did they watch? Say thanks.
Match the best stories with the right segments
Tell the best stories to the right customers. Understand which stories drive engagement down to the individual level.
Send stories via Email, SMS and WhatsApp
Deliver to where your customers are. Send stories via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, with more on the way.
Powerful campaign builder
It's easy to build powerful and complex campaigns that meet your business goals. Our campaign builder is made to be flexible so you can start telling your stories with ease.
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We’ve added even more great abilities to Goodkind to take you even further

“Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations. Within minutes, we were building a production-ready site.”
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