Building relationships with students through existing channels is hard

Use Goodkind to improve yield and decrease melt by sending personal video messages to prospects throughout the cycle.
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Tell the real story of your institution, from Search through Melt

Send personalized video stories
Record, approve, and send video stories from your mobile phone or desktop to prospective students via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.
Distribute personalized content
Reach out to thousands of prospective students while understanding what content resonates.
Automate admissions
Distribute information and finalize the admissions process faster.
Create campaigns
Easily create one-to-one and one-to-manycampaigns to reach your contacts. Select your storytellers and your calls to action, and our campaign engine will make it happen.
Assign to storytellers
Empower your team to connect with customers via our mobile application. Provide cheatnotes to your storytellers and approve stories before sending.
Send to customers
Deliver stories to your customers via SMS, email and WhatsApp. Stories are viewed on individualized landing pages made for each end customer.
Increase application volume
Did a prospect attend a webinar or virtual tour? Follow up with a personal video from a current student or faculty member. Did a student abandon an application form? Nudge them along with a personal video.
15% conversion rate.
Increase yield
Show off what makes your school special: your people. Share welcome content, orientation information and even a bit about your city/town. Understand melt risks through engagement data.
93% engagement rate.
Decrease melt
Break through the noise (and competition) with relevant and authentic content, delivered to each and every student. Reinforce value and share yield-like content.

7x response rates when compared to email marketing.
Built for higher education

The features that make a difference in recruiting and admissions

The tools you need to reach students efficiently and effectively.
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Trigger stories on behaviour
Send more stories to your customers based on how they engage with your content. Did they watch? Say thanks.
Match the best stories with the right segments
Tell the best stories to the right customers. Understand which stories drive engagement down to the individual level.
Send stories via Email, SMS and Whatsapp
Deliver to where your customers are. Send stories via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, with more on the way.
Powerful campaign builder
It's easy to build powerful and complex campaigns that meet your business goals. Our campaign builder is made to be flexible so you can start telling your stories with ease.
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Stand out features of Goodkind for Higher Education recruiting

“Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations. Within minutes, we were building a production-ready site.”
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