Cut down dramatically on cart abandonment with personal messaging to shoppers.

Customers have shown interest, even intent, yet something prevented them from completing a purchase. Sending a personal Goodkind video is the perfect way to encourage them to return and complete the purchase.

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Examples Care Abandonment Use Cases

Campaign: 1:1 campaign directed at high value shoppers

Context: For shoppers with high LTV, it makes sense to send hyper-personalized videos with offers or additional discounts. Offering that VIP treatment in order to win back abandoned purchases in this scenario just makes sense.

Goal: Make customers feel valued and special to encourage purchases.

Campaign Description: An automated campaign to both reach out to these high value customers, and to also send them personal thank you messages, showing appreciation for their patronage.

Campaign: Broad attempt to win back any and all shoppers

Context: Not every customer spends a lot of money, for those that do not, or for products with lower margins, a 1:many campaign is more appropirate. Send pre-recorded messages with offers or personal messages to encourage re-engagement.

Goal: Encourage shoppers to return and checkout at a higher rate than other platforms.

Campaign Description: A sequence of video stories sent over the course of seven days to encourage shoppers to return and complete purchases, followed by an automated thank you message for the shoppers who complete a purchase.

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