Goodkind has the features you want, and the extras you need

Everything you need to create, manage and report on video campaigns, with features you won’t find anywhere else, to take your storytelling effectiveness to the next level.
One is easy, many is nearly impossible.

Goodkind makes the impossible, possible

Anyone can send out a single video, but what happens when you need to send out personalized video to 1,000 people, or 10,000...from 100 different storytellers?

For that, you need Goodkind.
Branded story pages and content
Create campaigns, assign tasks, capture content and deliver it reliably—all in one place.
Integrates with top CRM platforms and built on Microsoft Azure for maximum reliability
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To get started with personal video, you need the basics.

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Story page designer
Meet brand guidelines and impress audiences with customizable story pages.
Send stories via email, SMS and WhatsApp
Deliver to where your customers are. Send stories via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, with more on the way.
Mobile app & push notifications
Using the Goodkind iPhone and Android app on their mobile device, storytellers get notified when they need to record stories and capture videos.
Record on desktop
Our desktop recorder makes it easy to Invite others to contribute stories without any downloads or sign-ups.
Unlimited storytellers
Stories come from all over, so you can invite as many users as you like to your Goodkind workspace.
Powerful campaign builder
It's easy to build powerful and complex campaigns that meet your business goals. Our campaign builder is made to be flexible so you can start telling your stories.
Embed custom calls to action
Action is at the heart of Goodkind. Book meetings, sell products, request donations or get sign-ups. Build your own call to action using our code editor.
Contact importer and 2,000+ integrations
Easily import contacts using our AI-assisted contact importer. Better yet, bring in your contacts using an integration with many popular CRMs.
Easy exports
Export your data in just one click to a .csv file to run reports and distribute internally.
Detailed reporting
Understand how your stories are performing from the campaign level all the way down to individual contacts. Tracking individualized engagements with your story page lets you understand what's happening, in detail.
Automatic captions and translations
We automatically caption all your stories with industry leading accuracy. We also support caption translations to 30+ languages.
Share tracking
Goodkind stories get shared, a lot. We track those shares and drive new sign-ups.

One is easy, many requires a special touch.

We built Goodkind to be the smarter video platform, helping you move quickly through all manner of powerful features.
Story assignments
Assign video stories to your team and our platform will allocate those stories based on pre-set capacities and storyteller-audience matching models.
Resend stories
Manually or automatically resend stories to customers based on their engagement.
Tracking the real details
Track individualized engagement to understand how each audience member reacts to your content.
First name campaigns
Our campaign builder can automatically group your customers based on similar sounding first names. First name campaigns save time and add an extra, personal touch to your stories.
Trigger stories on behaviour
Send stories at the exact right time based on how they engage with your content in or outside Goodkind. Did they book a stay? Say thanks.
Approval workflows
Review stories before sending, and determine which storytellers require approval.
Request redos with feedback notes
Send stories back to storytellers to redo and share feedback notes to ensure your story is completed the way you want.
Smart caption editing
Automatic captioning works really well, but you also have the ability to edit captions manually. Our caption editor also learns from its mistakes.
Automatic explicit content detection
Our content moderation system analyzes content to ensure there is no explicit language or inappropriate visual content.

With great scale comes great responsibility

We understand that organizations need the ability to monitor what’s going out, and ensure that storytellers stay on message. Manual approvals and AI based content moderation makes this easy.

Your story deserves a

What good is a video platform if it can’t help you understand what content resonates, which storytellers are most effective and what topics hit home? Goodkind does all of this and more.
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Topic detection
People love stories, but some will be more effective than others. Our storytelling engine groups your words into topics to inform future performance.
Emotion detection
Our storytelling engine can detect four types of emotions and predict video efficacy based on the words and tone of the audio in your stories.
Storyteller performance tracking
Our storytelling engine will tell you which storytellers are most effective and for which audience.
Match the best stories with the right segments
Tell the best stories to the right customers. Understand which stories drive engagement down to the individual level.
A feature overview

Supercharge your workflow

Combine sections from Ollie’s vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages.
The Suzuki Foundation uses Goodkind to encourage petition signups.
Steffi launched using Ollie in under a week.

You'll be in good company.

Organizations use Goodkind to tell great stories and connect with customers.

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