Front End Developer

Are you the one?

We are looking for an experienced front-end developer to join our product team. You probably have 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience as a web developer, UI developer, JavaScript expert or front-end engineer either in commercial projects or open-source projects.

You must be both technically proficient and have a keen eye for design and UI/UX. In this role, you’ll make a significant contribution to translating our customer needs and user expectations into interactive web apps. You are an exceptional problem solver with great communication skills and are able to optimize our application in terms of technology and in delivering the best user experience. Your responsibilities will include translating design wireframes into the code that will produce visual elements of the application.

At all times, you will be working with the UI/UX design team to bridge the gap between graphic design and technical implementation, taking an active role in defining how the application looks, as well as how it works. Ideally, you should be able to demonstrate hands-on experience in using current trends and best practices in front-end architecture, including performance optimization, accessibility, and usability.

You’re likely to have a self-driven, conscientious mentality with a commitment to creating innovations through high-quality work.


In general, you’ll work closely with the design team, product management, and development teams to create elegant, usable, responsive and interactive interfaces across multiple devices. You will, therefore:

  • gain feedback continuously from users, customers, and colleagues
  • monitor app performance, watch for traffic drops related to site usability problems and rectify any issues
  • write functional requirement documents and guides
  • create quality mockups and prototypes, ensuring high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency
  • turn UI/UX designs into prototypes, creating excellent interactions from designs
  • write reusable code and libraries (with matching documentation) to a standard which makes it quick and easy to maintain the code in the future
  • optimize applications for maximum speed
  • optimize applications for maximum scalability
  • design new features, or maintain old features
  • collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve usability
  • help back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting
  • stay up-to-date with emerging technologies

You’re perfect for this role if you:

  • enjoy the challenge of taking part in complex technical projects, and delivering iterative solutions that provide value at each step of the way
  • perform well in a fast-paced environment, and contribute to optimal flow in a rapidly changing design/technology environment
  • enjoy working closely with partners across the business and within your team to solve problems
  • are a great communicator who is focused on discovering and delivering solutions facilitating meaningful discussions, and building consensus
  • genuinely enjoy sharing your knowledge with others

Skills and qualifications

You will need to demonstrate:

  • profound knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • expert proficiency in JavaScript or TypeScript
  • a high level of proficiency with JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Angular 2+ [Please add any other framework, library, or any other technology related to your development stack]
  • a high level of experience with UI layouts, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, and the CSS GRID system
  • solid experience in using a complex REST API from the client-side
  • a solid understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues, and ways to work around them
  • good knowledge and practical experience of client-side build/config management
  • good knowledge and practical experience of testing tools like Webpack, Jasmine, Karma, etc.
  • good understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git, Mercurial, or SVN
  • good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and Ajax
  • significant experience of debugging using JavaScript-based tools like Chrome Developer Console
  • some exposure to Continuous Integration/Delivery pipeline for cloud, including Jenkins, SonarQube, Docker, etc.
  • basic knowledge of graphical tools such as GIMP or Photoshop, so that you can make small changes to images

The following would also be a significant plus:

  • knowledge of Ember.js and Ruby
  • some exposure to full-stack development
  • a good understanding of SEO principles, so that you can ensure that our application adheres to such principles