By accepting an offer, a prospective student has demonstrated that they want to attend to your institution, yet melt remains an issue for so many schools.

By taking the time to show students you care, be following up, explaining the process in better detail and making a connection, you'll cut melt rates significantly.

Design a welcome journey using Goodkind to make students feel even more comfortable with their choice. By going the extra mile and making outreach personal at this stage, you'll eliminate the concerns driving melt.

How Goodkind videos are helping other schools

Campaign: Make students and parents feel safe about reopening (post-COVID)

Context: Students and parents have been wary about attending an in-person program in 2021 due to the fear of an outbreak at the campus.

Goal: Increase awareness about COVID measures for the incoming class

Campaign Description: The University sent a video from the Student Life office, recorded on the campus actually demonstrating the preparations for a safe return. Students were encouraged to click on a link on the COVID response page of the university highlighting practices for a safe return to campus.

Campaign: Demonstrate program value through alumni(s)

Context: Undergraduate students at a mid-sized university didn’t show up on the first day of orientation even after accepting the offer.

Goal: Prevent melt among students who have accepted the offer and made their deposit

Campaign Description: The Alumni of the University are great ambassadors of the program and the outcomes enabled by the program. The University invited recent graduates to send short videos about their experience and their current roles. The students were encouraged to connect with alumni on LinkedIn. The alumni mentored students virtually and encouraged them to show up on the orientation day.

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