3 Great Ways To Show Your Donors You Care

Dallas Baker

March 4, 2021

One thing I’ve heard consistently from nonprofits I work with this past year is how they miss their ‘coffee chats’ with donors.

Those opportunities to connect with donors in authentic, unexpected, but incredibly personal ways. It’s those moments that resonate between you and the donor and solidify why you both are passionate about your mission and impact.

Simply put, it’s the drive behind what you do to achieve your mission.

In a time where the parameters around grabbing a coffee are complicated at best, I’ve seen nonprofits getting innovative in the ways that they remotely show up for their donors.

The result? Not only is it entirely possible, but it’s led to even unique and impactful ways to foster these relationships.

Some that, if I were to guess, will continue well into the future.

So need to spark some new ideas for showing up for your donors? Here are three ways I suggest to do that right here, right now.

  1. Be Unexpected: We often default to reaching out to donors when it is timely and strategic to do so. But what we know is that reaching out just because is the most powerful. Take 10 minutes tomorrow to connect with a few donors you haven’t in a while only to check-in. It’ll be the pick-me-up that you and them didn’t know you both needed.

  Need an idea? Click here to see a great example from Evergreen Canada, who reached out to donors ‘just because’ to check-in and show their appreciation.

  1. Make Them Smile: These days, we as humans have to get creative in ways that spark joy and not just add to the mental clutter (Marie Kondo, anyone?). Guess what? Your donors are doing this, too, by finding new ways to remotely happy dance. To help with this, why not send them a fun story at random (video is always preferred) that’ll make them smile? Trust us; they’ll love you for it.

  1. We Are Family: Donors genuinely are family, and when the family needs us - we show up. Ponder ways that, even distantly, you can provide that extra touch of care for your donors. Please drop them off some homemade treats, make them a homemade card, or send them a list of your favourite shows as of late. These little touches go a long way.

Your relationships with your donors will transcend these ever-changing times. But by incorporating the unexpected, the extra touch, the cherry on top of the sundae -, you’re doing what you do best.

Showing you care - always.

And that is more powerful than what any coffee chat can provide.