Goodkind is personal video, at scale.

We're bringing the power of people back

We believe that people buy from people. That being human and telling stories using video is how great brands build relationships.

Our platform enables you to reach your audience, authentically and individually, to drive intent across the customer journey.
One is easy, many is nearly impossible.

Goodkind makes the impossible, possible

Anyone can send out a single video, but what happens when you want to send out personalized video to 1,000 people, or 10,000...from 100 different employees?

For that, you need Goodkind.
Branded story pages and content
Create campaigns, assign tasks, capture content and deliver it reliably—all in one place.
Integrates with top CRM platforms and built on Microsoft Azure for maximum reliability
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BE ON POINT 100% of the time

With great scale, comes great responsibility

Goodkind does all the heavy lifting for you, offering a full suite of content moderation tools for every campaign.

How do you moderate 500 videos, or 5000? What if you need to identify keywords or visual components across dozens of storytellers, and in five or more languages.
Machine learning content assessment
Automatic captioning & translation to 30+ languages
Approval and content moderation workflows
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Goodkind makes you better

Get better with the power of data

By analyzing your video content, understanding storyteller emotion, intonation and even word choices, we highlight what messages work best, which storytellers are most effective and even the tone each audience will respond to.
Understand what content resonates with topic detection 
‘Sticky storytellers’ to ensure the right people are in front of the right customers
Emotion detection so you know what tone to hit each time
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Customers love it

Organizations use Goodkind to tell great stories and connect with customers.

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“We used Goodkind for our holiday campaign in 2019. We were captivated by the conversion rate. Close to 25% of the users who viewed our video donated. That's 250 people in a room of 1,000! We believe conversion rates will continue to climb once we harness the true potential of this medium.”
Yat Li
Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility
Our great partners make things easier

Goodkind integrates with the platforms you already use

We’ve partnered with platforms like Blackbaud and Microsoft Dynamics to make Goodkind even better.
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It’s easy to get started

Don’t wait: start sending powerful video stories today.

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