The platform to show customers you care.

We build scalable video messaging software that boosts conversion by 5x across your customer journey.

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If you show you care, your customers will too.

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Increase conversion by 5x across your customer journey versus traditional channels.

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Be Human

Customers want humans, not bots. Show you care with video messages.

How it works
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Understand affinity to target the right people at the right time.

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Integrate Goodkind with your CRM or add lists with just a few clicks.

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Add video messaging with trust and compliance at the forefront.

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Video is the way the world connects. Own the format of the future.

About Goodkind
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Watch a Goodkind video message

Discover for yourself what a Goodkind video message is all about.

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Discover popular use cases for Goodkind video messages.

Add a human touch to your customer journey, and transform a transactional message into something unique.

Stand out from the crowd.

  • Convert inquiries into applications

    Increase attendance at virtual or in person events, follow up with students and develop rapport. Nudge them through their application journey.

  • Increase yield

    Students have more choice than ever before so it's critical they know you care. Show it during yield season and make your offer count.

  • Decrease melt

    Deepen loyalty by introducing your campus, its personality and all that your institution can offer. Understand affinity and focus where it's waning.

Add a human touch.

  • Book more meetings

    Add a human touch to what are normally digital-only workflows or lead acquisition processes to establish trust and book more meetings.

  • Recover abandoned applications

    Client abandons a sign up flow or application? Bring them back and increase completion or activation rates.

  • Increase retention and renewal rates

    Build unmatched loyalty with high touch messaging to cross-sell adjacent offerings, secure early renewals or intervene with at-risk customers.

Deepen loyalty and build your omni-channel presence.

  • Grow customer lifetime value

    Upsell products in customer's post-purchase journeys with a personal touch at just the right moment after in-store or online purchases.

  • Book in-store or virtual appointments

    Leverage your best asset —your people— to reach out and book appointments in-store or online.

  • Increase loyalty program adoption

    Convert customers to your loyalty program, upgrade existing members and deliver segmented offers.

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Craig Chipps

Manager, Canadian Recruitment
This past recruiting season, we surpassed our own most optimistic expectations, exceeding our goal by 19%. Goodkind was a tangible point of differentiation for us, and helped achieve this team win.
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Bart Harvey

Executive Director, Undergraduate Admission
In our first week using Goodkind, we sent out videos to seventy-five prospects that had previously been sent an offer and had yet to decide on attending Valpo. Of these seventy-five prospects, we signed up fifteen immediately after sending video messages. Goodkind has become central to our entire recruiting process.
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Sean Bergin

Fundraising Manager
Goodkind has quickly become a central component of our donor stewardship and retention programs at Barnardo's Ireland. We have seen > 90% engagement rates on our video messages and are confident that Goodkind will have a very positive impact on our retention goals in the near future.

Organizations love sending with Goodkind.

Goodkind videos messages convert at 5x the rate of traditional channels. See the difference that showing care can make.

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In a world of bots, let your people shine through.

The Goodkind mobile app is purpose-built to enable teams of any size to easily record thousands of video messages.

We take care of all the details so anyone on your team can jump in as a storyteller without missing a beat.

Why is Goodkind different?
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Seamlessly integrate.

Integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot and others with a few clicks. After integrating, you'll be able to act on customer data and insights to deliver the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

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Is it worth taking the time to send video messages to customers?

See the difference that showing care can make for your business.

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We’re building the future of video messaging.

Goodkind was started during the pandemic and is backed by the world's top investors.

About Goodkind
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Conversion rate improvement

Drive more revenue with video messaging.

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