Show your face. Show you care.

We forgot that business is really about people. Use Goodkind videos to bring back being personal to your entire customer base. Show customers you care, and increase sales by reaching out and really connecting.

What about the other 97%

That’s how much we leave on the table when relying on boring, traditional, impersonal outreach. Customers are tired of being talked to, and want to be talked with. What are your current efforts really costing you? Stop wasting time and start sending messaging that works, the good kind.

Another boring email...

New software, for a new age

Build authenticity

We built Goodkind to empower your storytellers ( customer facing team members ) to authentically connect with customers. Why? Because, people buy from people.

Build scale

With Goodkind, use one or one thousand storytellers to build deep relationships with hundreds of thousands of customers. How? Goodkind has serious technology ( and AI ) powering the platform.

Build your business

Every Goodkind video is attached to an action. Sell products, book meetings, start chats and drive donations. Why actions? Simple, human connection is nothing if it doesn’t drive KPIs.

Goodkind is for everyone

Explore why managers, storytellers, and customers all love Goodkind.


We built Goodkind to make managing large campaigns, with lots of storytellers easy. Let Goodkind do the work while you reap the rewards.


For your storytellers, Goodkind uses the power of an easy to use mobile app to let them focus on telling great stories. That's all they have to do, Goodkind handles all the rest.


Customers go crazy for the authenticity of seeing a human face deliver them a message, and turn into fans as they recognize you took the time to show them you care.

Getting started with Goodkind

You need three things to start using Goodkind to connect with people.

A list of customers (or potential customers)
Team members (as many as you want)
A desire to make your business more personal & effective
Book a 1:1 demo with our team of video storytelling experts.
Book a personal demo

Make Goodkind even more powerful by connecting your existing software.

Can we put a price on being personal?

Why yes we can. Simple, straightforward pricing to get you and your organization connecting with customers in a way that makes a difference. 



per month

500 stories/month

Email + chat support

Send with SMS & Email

2,500 videos in storage



per month

1500 stories/month

Semi-dedicated support

SMS, Email & MMS

10,000 videos in storage


Contact Us


Dedicated support

SMS, Email, MMS,
& WhatsApp

Unlimited storage

* If you’re a charitable or non-profit organization, let’s talk, as this pricing doesn’t apply to you. Why? Because we believe in giving back and we’re willing to cut the price to help you out.

A goodkind story

350,000+ stories sent to date

This video made my evening! I shared it too as it may inspire others! ❤️
Lisa, donor who received story
We began Goodkind for our holiday campaigns in 2019 and have been captivated by the conversion rates since. Close to 25% of the users who view our videos donated.
Yat LI, HEAD OF MARKETING, Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility
Goodkind has proven itself to be a very powerful tool that has become a core element of our relationship building efforts.
CRAIG CHIPPS, Director, Undergraduate Recruitment,
Wilfrid Laurier UNIVERSITY
I booked right away! So great to hear from you, I loved the video!
JIMMY, cUSTOMER who received story
Thank you so much for sending that video message. It makes it very personal
DAN, CUSTOMER who received story
We’ve been a Goodkind customer since day one, and it’s incredible to see how fast the platform has evolved. I can take 30 stories in an hour.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with tremendous
organizations across a wide range of industries

What We Believe

We believe in the power of making things personal.

We believe that people buy from people. That being human and telling stories is how great brands and successful businesses separate themselves from the masses, from the mundane.

We believe that the current way businesses communicate can be made better. That the conversion rate for words alone is unacceptable and that pushing more and more targeted ads at consumers isn’t enough. That our current channels need a reimagining.

We built Goodkind to bring the power of people back to business. Together, we use personalized videos to show off your products, demonstrate your value, and make your customers, on an individual level, feel special, like the center of your world.

We’re bringing personalized video to the masses, and we’re doing it in a way that makes sense for business and with respect for the consumer. We’ve made it scalable, measurable and customizable to the needs of modern organizations, and we’re using the power of machine learning to supercharge the entire platform.

We want you to join us in telling great stories.

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